To become Ghana’s most Vulnerable-centered news platform, bridging all forms of inequality gaps among many a vulnerable—from slum dwellers to the peasant poor—mirroring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Fundamental Human rights. (FHR)


To horn objective stories that will compel attention of stakeholders for quick action. thebridge news offers most authentic platform: first to the vulnerable poor to tell their sides of the stories and then the Doers to speak to the gaps. Concerns of the vulnerable occupy our story lead/lede and their pictures too.


  • Pushing the SDGs to fulfillment in Ghana.
  • Horning objective stories in compelling ways for stakeholder attention.
  • Prioritising the side of the vulnerable in our stories.
  • Reflecting the Fundamental Human Rights and the constitution.
  • Championing community development in general


We like to cover community development stories.

  1. We like to cover human rights stories.
  2. We like to tell stories reflecting the SDGs.
  3. We are country journalists; travelling and telling stories across the country and beyond.
  4. We follow up our stories to meet stakeholders for impact.
  5. We value accuracy, detail and in-depth in our stories.
  6. We tell our stories in unique style to attract high readership.


  1. We engage country ambassadors on stories to promote business opportunities existing in their respective countries.
  2. We do promotional stories for businesses.
  3. We do general media assignments too.


Ishmael Abudu Junourgh—with determination as a Journalist to spearhead the course of the vulnerable, fighting injustices and maintaining his integrity in a difficult media landscape—started thebridge news in 2015.

Few banner headlines concerning the vulnerable we have carried in the past are as follow:

  1. Hazards of a child—Evidence of bad roads in Ghana
  2. Hundreds of Children in danger at Agbogbloshie—But Authorities look on
  3. Double Jeopardy—the plight of the aged night watchman in Ghana
  4. Guys in the UWR not an easy situation
  5. Gonjas and Birifos— A daunting co-existence
  6. Hundreds abuse cocaine-tramadol in the UWR.

Clearly, this demonstrates the vulnerable-centeredness of the platform.

Soon, the 12 pages newspaper—established at Wa in the Upper West region of Ghana—expanded to 16 pages, its office moved to Accra in 2016 and added a news-website: www.bridgenewsgh.com

Ishmael—after graduating in Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication with specialty in journalism from the African University College of Communication (AUCC) in Accra—started the newspaper in Wa, capital of the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Whiles on his national service assignment at Duong— a small community in the Daffiama-Issa-Busie District in the Region.

Like still with some ethnic groups in some districts across the Northern, Upper regions, Ishmael encountered a number of force-adoption for marriage incidence.

He personally intervened in rescuing a number of these vulnerable girls from their men and ensured that they went back to school. He also witnessed girls been denied access to education.

Earlier, as part of his training, he had worked on human rights stories with Nicole Baute, a former Journalist with Toronto Star in Canada and later a trainer for Journalist for Human Rights (JHR) to the AUCC, Accra, where Ishmael was a student and a member of the JHR club.

“By this time I had done a number of human rights stories with Nicole and so with that experience and what I was seeing happened to the vulnerable girls—coming into direct contact with many of them suffering one form of abuse or the other—I went aflame and entirely prepared to do the work required to establish an authentic vulnerable-centered voice or platform to tell the stories.

The troika of factors eventually culminated into thebridge news with initial funding from the purse of a National Service Personnel by then.

It was a tremendous honour and pleasure to have spent some time with Nicole during her six months in Ghana.”

Another tremendous support especial during to-start-and-not-to-start period was Gertrude Bazaana. She is still sticking through thick and tin as a partner to the establishment.

Currently, thebridge news is a national newspaper: it has direct contact with over 150 districts across seven regions out of 10 in the country.

Contact Us: (233)557027232/549790674; email: bridgeark@gmail.com; website: www.bridgenewsgh.com; Location: Weija Gbawe, Accra