Upper East Region Chapter CUA Held Elections

Upper East Region Chapter CUA Held Elections

Views: 207 Ishmael A. Junourgh, Bolgatanga, 23/10/2020 The Upper East Regional  Chapter of CUA Ltd has held its executive elections today. (23/10/2020...

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Ishmael A. Junourgh, Bolgatanga, 23/10/2020

The Upper East Regional  Chapter of CUA Ltd has held its executive elections today. (23/10/2020)

The newly elected officers and their offices are as follow; Issaka Amoli, chairman; Rev Fr. Emmanuel Achempong, Vice; Paul Abdulai Ame, Treasurer; Gariba Shafau, member; Abubakari Iddrisu, Member.

The newly chapter chairman elect, Issaka Amoli acknowledged the contribution of the past executives and call for their continuous  indulgence to enable the new executives work effectively.

He assured the members of the unflinching committement of the new executives to increase the credit unions both in number and in quality services.

He said he will work hard to revamp weaker unions and create awareness about the unions and the chapters.


The out-gone chapter executives and their offices are as follow: Amuriyaga Isaac Diise, the chapter chairman; Rebecca Awuga, the treasuer; Sinore Salifu, Chapter vice chairman; Ibrahim B Adam, member and Patricia.

Ahead of the elections, the out-gone chapter chairman, Mr. Amuriyaga Isaac Diise Admonished the union members to make sure they elect the right candidate to manage the chapter effectively.

He added that the executives should have trust in the credit union process and with that they will succeed as executives at their various roles.

He noted that the election was timely in order for the regional union to be represented with fresh ideas at this year’s biennial conference to be held in Kasoa.

He called on the various union managers to support the newly elected officers for them to grow the chapter.

He, however, stated that the chapter was cash- trapped, after he outlined how the outgone executives had judiciously spent from the accounts for entirely administrative purposes.

He said the board was made up of ten credit unions with nine registered but six were vetted against five executive offices for the election.

He emphasised “if the size of your asset is weak and you have not fulfilled all commitments as a credit union you will not be respected and so the unions should note such as they vote to elect the next board members.

On his part, the Upper East regional manager of CUA, Ralio Bakers kyaawilenibe said the collapse of most microfinance companies in the country was still hunting most people with the miscontrution that those are the same as the CUA.

But that the two we’re entirely different entities,  for that matter, the public should not be afraid to join the unions.

He, therefore, called on the various unions to intensify education about operations of the union so that more people can join to benefit from them.

The regional manager said he was working hard to increase the number of credit unions in the region and to as well ensure that they offer quality services interms of Increased assist base, loans and excess budget by next year.