Let Us Partner Seli Ministries to Support the Needy and Vulnerable in our Society

Let Us Partner Seli Ministries to Support the Needy and Vulnerable in our Society

Views: 176   Ishmael A. Junourgh, Accra, 4/10/2020 For me, Selikem Acolatse Apaloo is more beautiful in heart than in her physical appearance. An...

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Ishmael A. Junourgh, Accra, 4/10/2020

For me, Selikem Acolatse Apaloo is more beautiful in heart than in her physical appearance. An intelligent lady too! We need to support her pro-poor foundation.

I met Seli in a program at the Feasta Royal Hotel in Accra, one mid-day, and that was the second time we were meeting, earlier, I had been introduced to her by a cousin, Abdul Moomin Hayi when I visited him at the GBC.

Quickly, I rushed to her to greet with trepidation because most beautiful ladies of her endowment often turned to be snobbish.

However, here was Selikem responding to my greetings with humility and with a broad smile on her face that made my heart warm!

I then went ahead to tell her how I needed her platform then: “the women’s voice” on GBC/GTV to tell my stories, as a rural journalist, on some harmful socio-cultural practices affecting girls and women in some communities in the regions of the North of Ghana.

Right away she told me to mail my details and if I had videos to help me tell the stories.

The next day I sent my details to her, but after two weeks of not hearing from her, I gave up because already I had met a host of others like her and they kept our decisions at talk level only.

Three or so months later I met Seli again at a book launch program at the Cocoanut groove hotel in Accra, and I was feeling guilty to let her see me because I had even lost her contact number at that time.

On second thought, I decided to greet her.

As soon as she saw me, she went on “hey Ishmael! Where have you been? I have been trying to get in touch, next week could you come on air”?

” Yes, mum” I was shocked at her response and how she never blamed me on the lost-touch we had had.

That day when I got home, I mailed to her ten short videos.

Like a joke, the following week, I went on GBC/GTV with her on the women’s voice.

The program was lively and received massive call-in-traffic.

A couple of weeks later, I was going to a media event at the Korle-Bu teaching hospital, I was already late and was finding my way to the occasion; lo and behold I met Seli with a certain man visiting the facility, I greeted them and the man almost went on his knees to respond to me, and I felt cold at such display of humility, later Seli told me he was her father, I then understood where she was coming from with such deep love and respect for humanity.

She also told me that day that her dad was in a critical health condition and was contemplating a special surgery which hangs his life in a balance between death and life.

Barely two weeks later, the old lovely man, Mr Apaloo could not make it and passed on; Seli was plunged into the darkest moment, her anchor in life has departed, and there then she realised that life is well lived sacrificing for others–not about me but Christ for the hopeless and the needy.

Throughout, Seli had stayed so close to her dad helping him until his demise, indeed, this is enough evidence of her love for humanity, no wonder later such became her actual calling and purpose in life!

Seli has been humble and kind and with the least chance we had together she was always worried about the plight of the vulnerable and talked passionately about how to impact those in tears of health condition, hunger, no-shelter and no-clothes.

One day I called to check on my goddess, as I affectionately address her, and she went like Ishmael, I am leaving GBC/GTV soon, I need more time to pursue the real purpose designed by God for my life.

After the call that day I was left thinking for what at all could be the purpose worth more than her job as a journalist, by all standards, that she was so passionate about and wanted to resign?

Two months later, Seli resigned from GBV to launch her own organisation; “Seli Ministries”

The Seli Ministries has three arms; the Hope Mission, (evangelism) a charity arm and Seli media which anchors the rest of the two.

Sali Ministries with its six-member team has held evangelism and donation programs at Chorkor and Agbogbloshie and assisted few others with funding for their health needs through her personal income and fundraising.

At the Agbogbloshie event, the Hope Mission did evangelism by sharing tracts (leaflets) and donated items; including rice, oil, tinned Tomatoes, spaghetti, sardines, clothing, nose masks and Gh 1,000 cedis cash