International Week of the Deaf ; Newell Agbe, Director, Supreme-Sign Institute Offers Solidarity

International Week of the Deaf ; Newell Agbe, Director, Supreme-Sign Institute Offers Solidarity

Views: 430   Ishmael A. Junourgh, 4/9/2020, Santa International Week of the Deaf falls on every last week of September, as a result, the executiv...

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Newell Agbe, CEO, Supreme-Sign Institute

Newell Agbe, CEO, Supreme-Sign Institute

Ishmael A. Junourgh, 4/9/2020, Santa

International Week of the Deaf falls on every last week of September, as a result, the executive director of Supreme-Sign Institue in Ghana, .Mr. Newell Agbe has offered a solidarity message as a major stakeholder.

The sign language expert in an interview with the Bridge NewsGh admonished the government to mainstream sign language in every facet of the system; one as the basis for the human right for the deaf, and two to enable the deaf contribute their quota to the national development.

He said in the coming weeks his outfit was poised to hold sign language seminar for the security,  and for the health sector.

His full Speech:

Deafness is the serious impairments that have imposed social and economic burdens on individuals, families, communities and countries. More than 260,000 people in Ghana are deaf ( who are living among a hearing majority.

However, the existing communication gap impedes the development of full potentials of Deaf people in our society. As a result, they are frustrated, isolated, depressed and completely disconnected from the world around them.
Many hearing individuals, Parents of Deaf children, Medical and Paramedical staff, Personnel of the Security Agencies and Legal practitioners, Financial Institutions, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), Transport Service workers, Religious Organizations (including Traditionalists), Traders, Entrepreneurs, Hoteliers, and others have all been yearning for an opportunity to learn Sign Language in order to overcome their communication challenges with Deaf children, families and clients. These disabled people are limited and need our support through the learning initiatives we must take in order to re-integrate them.

A formal Sign Language training in Ghana was initiated by Mr Newell Agbe, a Ghanaian with a deep passion for Hearing impairment and Deaf People. This led to the establishment of the SUPREME-SIGN INSTITUTE (SSI), Ghana’s first Professional Sign Language Training Centre in June 2012. This Institute was launched with the aim to provide accessible Training and Interpreting services.

This Sign Language training initiative reaffirms the importance of removing the long-existing communication barrier that existed to ensure that the Deaf in the Ghanaian society can develop their full potential so as to enjoy safe and secure lifestyles.

SSI is positioned, to expand local and international collaborations and partnerships for adequate Technological and Financial recourse mobilization towards a world-wide contribution to remove communication barriers for inclusive socio-economic empowerment. Newell Agbe

The History:

World Federation of the Deaf

The WFD promotes awareness of human rights and sign language by hosting a variety of events around the globe. We also encourage our members to host and attend community events.

What is International Week of the Deaf?

International Week of the Deaf is an initiative of the WFD and was first launched in 1958 in Rome, Italy. It is celebrated annually by the global Deaf Community on the last week of September each year to commemorate the same month the first World Congress of the WFD was held. International Week of the Deaf is celebrated through various activities by the respective Deaf Communities worldwide.

The activities call for participation and involvements of various stakeholders including families, peers, governmental bodies, professional sign language interpreters and Organisations of persons with disabilities.

Why is International Week of the Deaf important?

International Week of the Deaf is the only week in a year that sees highly concerted global advocacy to raise awareness about the Deaf Community on different levels. It is about gathering together, becoming united, and showing that unity to the rest of the world.
International Week of the Deaf strives to promote the human rights of deaf people and highlight topics that merit attention.
International Week of the Deaf aims to call for unity from the rest of the world through consistent, coordinated and widespread mobilisation to ensure that the campaigns are visible through sufficient media coverage.

Past Themes

2009: Deaf People’s Cultural Achievements

2010: Deaf Education

2011: Accessibility to Information and Communication

2012: Sign Bilingualism is a Human Right!

2013: Equality for Deaf People

2014: Strengthening Human Diversity

2015: With Sign Language Rights, Our Children Can!

2016: With Sign Language, I am Equal.

2017: Full Inclusion with Sign Language!

2018: Everyone is included!

2019: Sign Language Rights for All