I Will Not Let You Down: Vote For Me–NPP Aspiring MP For Yagaba-Kubore Constituency
Odododiodioo-Accra Constituency Zongo Caucus Working Committee Inaugrated





The Bureau has been following the activities relative to the compilation of the new voter register with keen interest. We must state that we have not been happy for a number of things.

1. The New Patriotic Party has been bussing non-constituents to some registration centers to register. This action does not conform to the laws of Ghana, particularly our electoral laws. We are urging party agents, the electoral commission staff and community opinion leaders not to allow some desperate politicians to shortchange the mandate of the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency.

2. On one occasion, our vigilant agents at Kparidabuo polling station caught the NPP red handed. Non-constituents including minors were brought in from Wa to register at that station. Even though, the electoral commission allowed them to register, our agents primarily objected and challenged the registrants according to the electoral regulations.
Thankfully, we were able to gather impeachable evidence and presented same before the panel set up by the EC to probe the case further. The probe indeed proved that non-constituents are being brought into the constituency by the NPP.

3. What is beyond our imagination is that, the District Chief Executive, Hon Nadi Imoro Sanda, who doubles as the NPP parliamentary candidate attempting to bribe a Member of our election directorate to as it were, withdraw the challenge from the EC. We condemn these bribery and corruption tendencies furthered by no mean a person than the President’s representative. He has really exposed himself to be overly desperate, corrupt and unfit to represent the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa in Parliament. What would have informed a whole DCE to propose an offer of one thousand Cedis to an opponent to compromise the system, is amazing.

4. Our investigations also revealed that the people that were brought in from Wa to register, were shared money from the NPP through a recruited agent called Ahmed Illiasu. It is obvious now that the NPP parliamentary candidate has amassed wealth to that extent, to be buying illegal potential voters. We cannot stop Hon Nadi Imoro Sanda from his obvious desperation but to adopt such unethical approach to enable him get some votes from DBI, is not only amazing but least expected from a son of DBI.

5. We wish to state that the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa are wise enough to select a candidate that can best represent them. Any candidate who thinks he has the wherewithal to become a Member of Parliament should rely on the mandate of the people and not non-constituents.

6. We wish to appeal to Hon Nadi Imoro Sanda and the NPP in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa constituency, to desist from those diabolical and illegal orchestrations. The will and interest of the people is sacred and should not be marred with unethical acts of desperation. In the political history of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa, never have we had a candidate so desperate that he would be depending on non-constituents to win elections.

7. Again, we are making a passionate appeal to Hon Nadi Imoro Sanda to know that he is the chairman of our District Security Council and should know better that some of those illegal moves have security implications. We are not ready to entertain any foreigner brought into the constituency for such sensitive electoral processes. We should all have trust in the people and not try to shortchange them. Let all non-constituents who are taking money from the NPP to come into DBI to register, be advised! We shall resist and resist strongly should we get such characters!

8. We wish to commend the NDC especially the Constituency Election Directorate and all the party agents who played a role in making the evil plans of the NPP and their Parliamentary Candidate exposed. Let us all continue to be vigilant by monitoring them keenly.

9. All stakeholders, chiefs and opinion leaders in Daffiama-Bussie-Issa should not accept such dangerous precedents that are being set by the ailing NPP and their overly desperate candidate, Hon Nadi Imoro Sanda. Stand up and protect the dignity of your mandate. Everyone has a constituency and everyone should register and subsequently vote in their constituencies.

10. We still count on every constituent to come out and register because the NDC will be depending on the people of Daffiama-Bussie-Issa for a resounding victory for Hon Sebastian Sandaare and John Dramani Mahama comes 7th December, 2020.
Thank you.


Denis Andaban
(Communication Officer)

Evans Naa Gandiibu
(Deputy Communication Officer)