Banyansa Kg/Primary School To Reduce To A Sorry State As The Only Teacher Threatens Resign

Banyansa Kg/Primary School To Reduce To A Sorry State As The Only Teacher Threatens Resign

Views: 288 Banyansa KG/Primary was established in 2015/2016 academic year in Banyansa, a suburb of Dogninga in the Builsa South District to address th...

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Banyansa KG/Primary was established in 2015/2016 academic year in Banyansa, a suburb of Dogninga in the Builsa South District to address the issue of children walking long distances and unclear ways for their basic education.

The school which was established under the directive of the late Mr. Bugri Peter, ( May his soul rest in peace) and Mr. Akumzeyam Stephen as the CS for Kanjarga Circuit at the time, is expected to have rose to it’s highest peak as it is the only school in that community but is currently cruising to a sorry state.

This was brought to light when Bridge News Gh visited areas of Doninga as part of it’s bid to tell the untold stories and bring to light the plight of the less privilege.

In an exclusive interview with the Head Master and the only Teacher of the school, Mr. Issah Abdul Anass, disclosed that the level at which the school has been, is now falling as he is the only teacher Manning the school.

He mentioned that he had on several occasions used personal and school sourced funds to do minor repairs and other activities that have kept the school in it’s current height but afraid that things will be the opposite in the test of time.

“As an educationalist, it is a domestic obligation onto us to always create a multimedia where we can think pear share among our selves to see how we can move education forward because the only way to build a strong nation is to provide quality and adequate educational infrastructure for its youth.
It for this reason that I as the only teacher who started this school with about 20 pupils can now boost of above 70 pupils comprising KG1, KG2, B1, B2 and B3 in the school as I speak” Mr. Anass said.

He noted with pride that under his watch, the school participated in a spelling competition organized by CANDLE LIGHT FOUNDATION in its first operation in the district and performed marvelously well at the circuit level with certificates given to participants for participation. This he said is one big achievement among other achievements of the school. Adding that in academic performance, the pupils can be compared to any other school in the district as it is a social institution and established to help elevate poverty and school drop out.

“The school had the opportunity to be over seen by three different directors, yet still face problems such as:

1. Lack of clean water, Safe Toilet and Hand washing facilities. The Hand washing facilities is essential to help prevent the spread of infections and diseases. The consequences are very broad in terms of children access to education general health and state of nutrition. However we are optimistic the situation can quickly be improved if leaders treat water, sanitation and hygiene as a priority.

2. Lack of GSFP the Ghana School Feeding Program is one of the social intervention programmes introduced to improve educational standard of the rural communities in Ghana. With the current enrolment, the school can’t be qualified but we are on our begging knees to fill the lacuna of increase in enrolment attendance and retention of the children if the school is enrolled into the GSFP.

3. Lack of recreational facilities. There is the saying that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” The school has a small playground of its own and there is little recreational facilities for the children, the lack of sea- saw, sliders, merry go round amongst others, affects the development of their skills including problem solving creative thinking intellectuals and cognitive abilities severely hampered.

Lastly, It will shock most people upon hearing that I am still the only teacher for Banyansa KG and Primary school.
This leads to pupils indiscipline behavior because most of the time children spent time without a teacher in classes, and when the only teacher is called for a meeting or any program outside the premises of the school, the children are left in the hands of their owned which is characterized by bulling and all sort of indiscipline behavior.”

Mr. Anass, therefore calls on Government, The GES office, philanthropists and well meaning community members to come to the aid of the school and threatens to resign if teachers are not posted to the school in the next academic year with the saying that, “The absence of the teacher makes the presence of the child in school useless.”

In a related development, the District Chief Executive for Builsa South, Hon Daniel Kwame Gariba promised to work on sending teachers to the school and as well rendering some assistance as demanded by the several complaints of Mr. Anass.
“I will do everything within my powers to see that the environment is conducive for Mr. Anass and other teachers that will be posted there so as to have quality teaching and learning in the area.
Let me note that it is not as if the school has been abandoned but that it has not been captured in the infrastructural development by the right authorities. Now that I have received these complaints myself, I will stand to them
But i want to plead with Mr. Anass to rescind his decision as I work on it.”

Meanwhile, some community members have expressed worry over the fact that Mr. Anass wasn’t part of the Best Teacher Award list.
They said he has been with them and the school in the hard times since the insertion of the school till now and deserve to have been awarded as one of the best teachers in the area.

In an attempt to calm the aggrieved people in the community down, Mr. Anass said maybe the award system hasn’t noticed his hard work yet but believe it will in no time.
“I am not even worried about my not being awarded as one of the best teachers, rather my fear is that the hard work by myself and the community to see the school in good shape is going waste and I’m waiting to hear/see something positively done in this regard as promised”.