Badingu Set To Drop Ebalabangma; A New Single

Badingu Set To Drop Ebalabangma; A New Single

Views: 201 “Ebalabangma” is a Waale word which literally means “You don’t know me anymore”. The whole song written and s...

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“Ebalabangma” is a Waale word which literally means “You don’t know me anymore”.

The whole song written and sung in Waale,Hausa, and Pigin English.

“Ebalabangma” featured and produce by Tinogh an Accra base afro beat dancehall artists and producer.

This refreshing song will be released on the 25th of July, 2020. The release of “Ebalabangma” song will soon be followed up with a video.

This will be the last single that will be dropping from the yet to be released album -Welcome to Upper West.

Welcome to Upper West will be released in October, 2020.

“Ebalabangma” is a Highlife song and I know my funs across the globe will love it.

Badingu won The Best Live Performer at the Northern Ghana Entertainment Awards and Best Vocalist at the 2020 Upper West Creative Arts Awards.

The new single will be on all digital stores on the 25th of July, 2020.

Go there and grab a copy of “Ebalabangma”!!


Ibrahim Moomin Badingu popularly called Badingu is an Afro-pop reggae musician who hails from Wechaiu wa west district in the Upper West Region of Ghana west Africa. He has been making the Upper West Region proud with his melodious tunes. His strives are seeing the light of the day because of the uniqueness of his music.

He is very original and focus on his style. Promoting African culture through music has been his aim and he has occupied a niche in the industry especially up northern Ghana when it comes to reggae music with local content.

The Afro pop reggae artist started professional music in 2006 and has one album to his credit with several singles and a music compilation album and has worked with Amandzeba nat brew a legendary musician from Ghana,King Ayisoba a traditional artists and some northern Ghana base musicians. In fact, his tunes are very popular across the three Regions at the North. In the Upper West Region, his name is a household name because of his unique music.

For his unique music, Badingu has won several awards across northern Ghana which include artiste of the year upper west at the northern Ghana entertainment awards 2018. He has performed on international stages like; panafest, Waga festival, Solidarity concert for Palestine, Adinkra experience, kone festival and many more.

Filed: Denis Andaban