Saint Paul Catholic Church, Kpehe-Accra, Celebrated 75 Th Anniversary

Views: 408 Ishmael A. Junourgh, Accra, Feb 9, 2020, Sunday St. Paul Catholic Church, Kpehe in Accra has celebrated its 75 th anniversary, today. (9/02...

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Ishmael A. Junourgh, Accra, Feb 9, 2020, Sunday

St. Paul Catholic Church, Kpehe in Accra has celebrated its 75 th anniversary, today. (9/02/2020)

The theme for the celebration was: “Call To Holiness”.

The Minister of Communication, Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah who is a member of the church was there, and did congratulate the entire church for 75 th milestone achievement.

Former president Jerry John Rawlings described the Kpehe St. Paul Catholic Church as his mother.

The Archbishop of Accra, Most Rev. John Bonaventure Kwafie, C. S. Sp. acknowledged church was indeed old, and described Apostle Paul, whom the church is named after as the pilar, and the missionary who took the Gospel message across the world.

The Archbishop, in his prayer, thanked God for what the church had achieved through ordinary people, and that the Lord should make the church, a church of holiness, peace, and forgiveness.

In his homily for the day, Rev. Bonaventure admonished the chhrch to eschew injustice, and avoid exploitation of the poor, that way, the impact of the church would be felt by all.

He encouraged be generous generous.

He cited an emotional touching scenario of how sharpe stones are placed under the Accra circle interchange to prevent people either from turning those areas into new markets or preventing the homeless from turning those into homes.

And that as much as the nation want to be clean, it should consider the plight of the homeless, and churn out policies that would turn around the fate if the homeless in the society.

He said the spate of homelessness in the country was regrettable.

He said those were challenges the church should attend to with their social interventions.

“How can you have places when other people have no homes to sleep? How can you have when other people have no clothes to wear? How do you have when others have no food”?

According to the chairman, Anniversary planning committee, Mr. Emmanuel Dzregah, this dynamic community of believers was named after the renowned apostle, Paul, who took the Christendom storm propagating the Gospel message to the Gentiles as he was led the Holy Spirit. We are privileged to be named by such a wonderful apostle.

He said the Saint Paul Church, Kpehe, has grown from the initial number of 25 worshipers to over 2000 parishioners registered today and more that 500 who are not registered but worship with us.

And, since the first Masses was said in January, 1945 by Fr. Gerared Fini, we have had five parish priests since 1970, over 25 Priests since have served in this parish and two Religious brothers associated with us. Holy Masses has been said every day in this parish for the 75 years giving approximately 27,375 Masses.