Builisa South Youth Kicked Against  New Voter Register

Builisa South Youth Kicked Against New Voter Register

Views: 373 January 22, 2020, Builisa South “We need a new president not a new voters register, We want jobs not new register, Drop the Register ...

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January 22, 2020, Builisa South

“We need a new president not a new voters register, We want jobs not new register, Drop the Register to pay Teachers, Save the Cedi not the register, End the conspiracy to rig the elections now!!, A new voters register for loot n share, Jean Mensah don’t create problems where there is none, We need roads not register and We want free and fair election,” according to some youth in the Builisa South District in their demonstration against the new voter register by the Elctroal Commision. (EC)

To this point, the District EC officer promised to forward their petition to the Regional EC officer, and commended the coalition for their peaceful conduct during the demonstration.


Members of the media present, other political parties present fellow ‘Akatamansonias’ it is a great pleasure to gather here on this eventful day to carry out this picketing exercise aimed at stopping the Electoral Commission Chairperson madam Jean Mensah from implementing a decision that will certainly pose a threat to the already warbling economy of our dear nation.
With reference to Madam Jean Mensah’s position on the compilation of a new voter register in 2015 when she was the Head of the IEA, we deem her present position as controversial, and gross display of hypocrisy and influence peddling. In the year 2015, the EC chairperson vehemently criticized the compilation of a new register citing limited time as reasons to support her argument.
What has changed in her expert analysis to warrant this current decision which is contrary to your opinion as IEA boss in 2015? Is the Ghana today different to have seen the same period of time being used for the compilation of the register as feasible and deserving? She should eat the humble pie and withdraw the policy to salvage her image and safe Ghana from unnecessary waste of resources.
Though article 46 of the National Constitution protects the EC from directions or control, it is nevertheless accountable to the citizens because it is a public organization which draws its funds from the Consolidated Fund. It must therefore ensure full accountability and transparency in its work. It is prudent to note that conventions form part of laws in the country and as IPAC was established, it is binding on EC by convention to deeply involve all political parties as key stakeholders in vital policies and decisions regarding our electoral processes and fortunes. Therefore, the determination of the EC to rubbish these conventions and proceed to compile a new register without consensus suggest the following;
1. That there is something in the coming election that the EC is hiding
2. The EC unilaterally decided to procure new technology purposely to make financial gains for themselves and their pay masters
3. The EC is working purposely to satisfy their ruling government that sacked their predecessor based on frivolous charges
Apart from that, the EC on the occasion of the referendum to recreate 6 (SIX) new regions declared the current register as credible. Also, the same register was equally declared credible and used for the just ended District Assembly Elections without hindrances. Why then must we use the tax payer’s money to fund the compilation of an entirely new register when we are battling with priory problems in the area of health, education and other meaningful sectors? This to us are heartless well calculated mechanizations to create, loot and share the little resources of our nation, a canker that has the potentiality of weakening our economy and plunging the nation into a possible calamity.
Furthermore, the limited registration exercise which was carried out towards the end of the 2019 year gave opportunity for every Ghanaian of voting age to have their names captured in the register. There was also the opportunity to embark on the cleaning of the register by getting illegitimate names removed from it. Madam Jean Mensah, have you employed these opportunities yet still deemed it fit to nature this idea? You represent the good people of Ghana and must consider the voice of the people and not that of your employers if posterity is to judge us all.
Moreover, the justifications by the EC that they want to add devices that can determine fraudulent acts and facial recognition does not make sense since that cannot provide an antidote to the problems expected to be encountered by the EC officials on Election Day. How will a bearded man be successful if he shaves on a day to the election? Will the gadget see him and recognize that was the man with beard? The attempt by the EC therefore to revise the No verification, No vote (NVNV) because of the introduction of this technology will surely lead to disenfranchisement of many legible voters which is an infringement on the rights of the affected individuals as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. Spending a whooping sum of GH C 800,000,000 (EIGHT HUNDRED MILLION GHANA CEDIS) on this exercise to us is the highest display of arrogance, incompetence, insensitivity and misplace of priorities. If the EC has no interest and a wicked agenda, how come the procurement process in compiling this needless register is characterized by secrecy and deception? In conclusion, we the members of the Inter-Party Coalition against compilation of a new voter’s register are ready to resist this illegal attempt to subvert the will of the electorate in Ghana. We therefore strongly request the Nana Addo-Bawumia led government to use the said huge amount to;
1. Construct Kanjarga Fumbisi road, Fumbisi Uwasi road to safe lives
2. Construct proper dams across the Region to solve the lack of water situation in our Region and promote effective Agricultural practices
3. Deliver on your promises of providing One Village, One Factory to promote small scale industrial activities and provide for the livelihood of our people
4. Fulfill your promise to provide One Million Dollars to each constituency every year to address the ever increasing poor conditions facing our people
5. Build more classrooms and dormitories to put an end to the Double Track System
6. Recruit unemployed nurses, teachers and others to fill all sectors of the economy
The media and all concern and descending citizens of our dear nation, the destiny of Ghana lies in our hands and we must be prepared to defend our nation devoid of malice. To that effect I challenge each and every one of you here to strongly resist this insensitive EC Chairperson who has failed to listen to the voice of the ordinary Ghanaians just to enable her and her superiors reap abnormal benefits to the detriment of the tax payers.
On behalf of the Inter-Party Coalition against Compilation of a new voter register, we wish you safe journey back home as we shall keep updating you on this significant matter when necessary.
Thank you
COALITION GROUpLEADER: Mr Richard Kazi Tell: 0543852965 /0203096399