V/R: Abor market in shamble

V/R: Abor market in shamble

Views: 358 Michael Kwadzo Ahiaku, VR, Aug 11, 2019, Sat, 8:33pm Abor market which serves the source of income for women around in the Keta Municipalit...

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Michael Kwadzo Ahiaku, VR, Aug 11, 2019, Sat, 8:33pm

Abor market which serves the source of income for women around in the Keta Municipality of the Volta region is in shamble state

A visit to the market by bridge news has confirmed that the market has been established for some years ago only has one street light which bright in the market.

The market is not a day light because it is not a busy one but traders and buyers come to trade around four o clock going but it is unfortunate that the market only has one street light in the entire market which is not thing to talk about says some of the market women.

The market women  also said that they do pay market toll but they don’t see the value of what they are payibg because the authorities do not use it in any way.

They have lamented that ,every market day they pay taxes but their problems are being solved .

According to the market women,some of shelters in the market are wailing off and about three of the market tenants has already been destroyed but there was done about them.

Some of the women said ,the authorities only came to took off the iron sheet from the destroyed shelters but the woods are left in the market and very soon people will be taking them to their various houses for domestic uses.

Many of the unoccupied  sheds have now been turned into places of convenience for uncivilised people, while others have taken advantage of the less-busy market place to satisfy their sexual desires.

The place also breeds criminals, as the traders say their wares are often stolen in the night, because the market has no electricity.

Pigs, cattle, sheep, goats and dogs have also taken advantage of the current situation to stray and feed on left-over food dumped in the market.

As a result, the stench emanating from parts of the market is unbearable.

Traders in the market are lamenting that in spite of the nasty situation in the market, coupled with low sales, they were still obliged to pay taxes to the assembly. Meanwhile, their complaints to the assembly to find a solution to their plight have not been given the needed attention.

They are, therefore, calling on the assembly to help address the situation.