Tsiame Senior High school wailing for Infrastructure

Tsiame Senior High school wailing for Infrastructure

Views: 932 Michael Kwadzo Ahiaku, VR, Aug 11, 2019, Sun, 7:00pm Tsiame Senior High school is wailing for Infrastructure The school had not seen any st...

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Michael Kwadzo Ahiaku, VR, Aug 11, 2019, Sun, 7:00pm

Tsiame Senior High school is wailing for Infrastructure

The school had not seen any standard infrastructural  expansion since it’s establishments.

The school was formed by Tsiame Youths Association (TYA) in 1997 to provide secondary education for the needy students which have graduated from the junior in the township of Tsiame and other villages around .

Meanwhile before it’s establishments the youths has constructed a 4- unit classroom block and later another 4 unit classroom block was executed by the association.

Sources disclosed that in 2006/2007 academic year , government came to absorbed the school into public senior high school and the expectation of the natives were high because they thought government will help face light the school but nothing else has been done about it.

A visit to the campus revealed no projects has been executed and completed fully, no headmaster’s residence and teachers bungalow, the administration under construction has been abandoned, hostel project has been abandoned.

A source said the administration blocked which was started by the previous government in 2015 has been abandoned without completion. The administration block which supposed to be used as an ICT laboratory, teachers staff common room and for administrative purposes has been abandoned .

The 8-unit classroom block put up by the youths association is being used as classroom blocks without electricity in any of the classroom blocks due to this problem, students are not able to go prep at night because there is no electricity on the campus to give light during the nights.

Since the school do not have enough classroom blocks to accommodate more students, there are only 159 students in the school comprising of those in third and second years the source added.

How can you allow your ward from a city to come to a school which do not have standard classroom block?? Expressed by the source.

Also, the headmaster of the school is living in a rented apartment in the town which was sponsored by one Prof. JBK Aheto who is a native of the town and educationalist.

Teachers in the school do not have enough residence in the town so they are staying at different places before commuting to the school on daily basis which is affecting academic performance among students and indiscipline among them.

The main hotel project has been left uncompleted for three years now.

“Since the school do not have its own hotel or boarding facilities , the girls  are occupping house given out by the board chairman and even that build couldn’t accommodate all of them so some of them are forced to rent their own apartments ,to talk of the boys ,another board member not the school has also given out his house ” A source disclosed.

The sources posited that the school do not have a multi purpose hall for meeting so teachers sit under the trees hold staff meeting.

The 22 years old school do not have any library for students to do research and project works when they are given . Students at the school only depend on the books supplied by GES .

Speaking on ICT and science laboratory by the source cited that since the school has been established there is no science laboratory so students do not do well in the core subjects because they are only theorically without practical aspects.

‘We are in competitive world now and the Ghanaian child must be competing with Western child but where are the standard resources at the school for smooth teaching and learning to go ‘ said by the source

The source is calling on philanthropists,NGOs, government, corporate organizations and individuals to help face lift the school in order complete abandoned projects , build a multipurpose hall for drastic change of the school and also help in building more facilities at the school to promote smooth teaching and learning in the school to improve academic performance.