Ketu North to rake in more revenue

Ketu North to rake in more revenue

Views: 382 Michael Kwadzo Ahiaku, VR, July 5, 2019, Fri, 7:oo pm The Ketu north municipal of the Volta region has devised more strategies to rake in f...

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Michael Kwadzo Ahiaku, VR, July 5, 2019, Fri, 7:oo pm

The Ketu north municipal of the Volta region has devised more strategies to rake in for more revenue.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Anthony Avorgbedor sad so far efforts were already rewarding citing that the assembly used to generate about 33,000 Ghana Cedis per month as a  revenue.

But some of the assemblies were worried in the recent times common fund from the government is erratic and cannot be relied on to provide needed development for the people.

The municipality is precisely known for rice production and most of the people are pleasant farmers and traders.

At the Municipal office in Dzodze, the MCE said assuming office, he had convened a meeting of stakeholder-in revenue -mobilisation, including; traditional chiefs, assembly members and the municipal assembly staff to find ways to increase revenue for the development of the municipality.

He stated that the assembly is currently on town council meetings with chiefs in the municipality to sensitize the public on the need to pay taxes levied at areas and they are actually considering a move to increase it by 50 % by the close of this year.

The municipality shares a border with Togo and barriers are been created to enable it to cover that aspect of revenue leakage and improve the mobilisation process.

They said a mobilisation taskforce should be strengthened.

Recruits from GRA, staff of the assembly would be adding up to a number of taskforce in the municipality.

With thus the MCE said would be able to galvanize more money in the municipality.

He mentioned some places the assembly was sure doubling their revenue collection to include people who come to the assembly to register their marriages, to put up new businesses and so on.

The municipality has replaced most of it’s revenue collectors with energetic young men for effective mobilisation work.

According to Anthony, the role of chiefs in revenue mobilisation could not be down play and so he had engaged them as the source of data on business activities from their various communities to enable the assembly to collect more revenue.

He said engaging chiefs and assembly members as a primary data source for activities in their communities would ensure that all revenue leakages were covered in the municipality.

“Chiefs are not people to joke with if you want to succeed in development of an area’ he when asked.

He said advised the general public to help assemblies in mobilisation of revenue to develop the communities.