Bono-East Region newly posted Nurses undergo Orientation

Bono-East Region newly posted Nurses undergo Orientation


Views: 290 Source: (ISD) Abdul-Aziz Abubakar Bagya, 7/11/2019, Thur. 10;00pm The Regional Directorate of the Ghana Health Service organized a one-day ...

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Source: (ISD) Abdul-Aziz Abubakar Bagya, 7/11/2019, Thur. 10;00pm

The Regional Directorate of the Ghana Health Service organized a one-day orientation program for Sixty four (64) newly posted Nurses that were recruited in 2019 and posted to Techiman Municipal and Techiman North District in the Bono-East Region, the Training took place in Techiman at the Bonokyempem hall.

The purpose was to equip the new recruits with all the requisite knowledge they need as health professionals to enable them to work effectively and efficiently at their respective facilities.

Presentation of the day started with the historical Antecedents that happen in the health sector before later the passage of the Ghana Health Service and Teaching Hospital ACT 1996 (act 525), the Ghana Mental Health act and many other acts that regulate the health sector.

Participants were taken through series of presentations such as the Functions of the Ministry of health, The Mission of the Ghana Health Service, the organogram of the Ghana health service, the Core Values of the Service, Customer Care, and the impact of public perception.

Madam Veronica Boatemah, the Deputy Human Resource Director in her presentation stress on the Negative public perception, She Cautioned trainees to be mindful of those perceptions at their workplaces, she urged them to behave like professionals when dealing with clients.

She added that No staff in any circumstance should exhibit an inhumane behavior to a client or patients simply because He or She does not relate to the person. She stresses that as a professional you need not Know any person before you offer the person good care in respective of the persons Religious background, tribal lineage or social status.

Mr. Ernest Kyere took participants through the concept of what is termed as “Mystery shopping” He explained that issue like illegal charges of patients, unauthorized trading within wards, Private sale of drugs to patients, and failure to issue receipt to clients are all practices that are against the code of ethics of the service, he urged them to desist from any act that will tarnish the image of the Ghana health service and their own reputation.

In her submission Madam, Emelia Appiah the officer in charge of upgrading and Conversion at the Regional office did her presentation on Fringe Benefits, allowances, and Leaves. She explained to them the types of leave there are entitled to and the procedure they can follow to apply for their leave after their probation period.

At the end of the training, participants were excited and express their readiness and commitment toward the work, they promise to exhibit professionalism at all level.

Madam Erica Owusu Peprah the Administrator of Abrefe Hospital was also present at the meeting together with The Human resource Officer of Techiman Municipal, Madam Ibrahim Jamila and her counterpart at the Techiman North District Madam Yatasu Mohammed were amongst the staff that took part in the training.