Stay away from our land—Xavi Chiefs warned DCE

Stay away from our land—Xavi Chiefs warned DCE

Views: 912 Ishmael Junourgh, Xavi, Akatsi South, V/R,Thur., 2:00pm Some chiefs of the Xavi Community have warned the Akatsi South District Chief Execu...

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Ishmael Junourgh, Xavi, Akatsi South, V/R,Thur., 2:00pm

Torgui Alligah III

Torgui Alligah III

Some chiefs of the Xavi Community have warned the Akatsi South District Chief Executive, (DCE) Hon. Leo-Nelson Adidoga to stay away from their land.

The land in the contention comprises a farm space for some 2000 youth and a river for fishing and for an ecotourism system.

They alleged the DCE had already demarcated some 27,619 acres out of the 32,000 acre-target without their knowledge except signing and MOU with only one chief—Torgui Ewae.

picture by detraveling fotografa

picture by detraveling fotografa

The accused chief was a friend to the DCE and they had connived to broker the land deal, the chiefs alleged.

But they had smelled the rat and warned the DCE to stay away from the land because it could lead to unrest.

Xavi is a community in the Avenor Traditonal Area of the Akatsi South District in the Volta Region.

They said the DCE was trying to lease the land to an investor for the establishment Xavi reserve and lodge facility.

“We do not know anything about this.”  Torgui Alligah III said.

They said the DCE had tried to convince them that when completed the project would employ some 100 youth from the Community.

But that was far less than the current number of natives making their livelihood from the area.

The Chiefs said the Xavi area had been tagged as an NPP zone, but the actions of the DCE was recipe for disaster for the party in the coming elections if he did not change.

The Lagoon serves as ecotourism with a sanctuary inhabiting different species of birds, monkeys and reptiles and sitatunga.

Currently the people grow okra, tomatoes, pepper, and garden-eggs, they also cultivate maize and rice on the field.

“The river is our main source of livelihood as a community.” The Chief stressed.

According to one of the chiefs, Torgui Alligah III who is also the Chairman of the sanctuary, the ecosystem was situated on land belonging individuals from different communities.

“The land does not belong to one chief, but individuals and families from different districts and who takes the money if the DCE succeeds in selling it?” Torgui Klu Agbonu III asked.

He said when the DCE was asked to stay away, he took to maligning the chiefs and the elders saying they were not allowing him to develop the area.

To this point, one of the opinion leaders, Zikpuitor George Agbavor noted the Xavi Community land was good for vegetable and rice cultivation and that should have been the priority of the Assembly—not land selling.

“Now the DCE is bringing foreigners to take the land from us for 174 years, we cannot use it again.”

He said initially they had decided to offer part of the land as equity contribution, but only to realise the DCE was up to something else.