Independence Day so…

Independence Day so…


Views: 432 After so many years of slavery and struggling for independence from the colonial masters, Ghana has eventually attained self-governance and...

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Genyingi Kwaku Philip, Central Region

Genyingi Kwaku Philip, Central Region, the writer is a staff of the bridgenews.

After so many years of slavery and struggling for independence from the colonial masters, Ghana has eventually attained self-governance and celebrated its first independence day on the 6th March 1957.

So many lives and properties were damaged, innocent souls were killed, slavery and human trafficking and infringement of human rights were taking place on a massive note.

What can we boast off as a nation, after all the massive works and aggressiveness for self-governance during the regime of former president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who happens to be the first President of Ghana and other prominent people?

Ghana attained independence and self-governance before China, Nigeria, and other countries but what can we boast off as a nation.

Ghana at 62 years, we have retired and stayed home to enjoy SSNIT as pensioners for two years yet still the nation import chairs from China for our parliamentarians as well as goods for the consumption of the nation.

At age 62, we still can not enjoy basic social amenities such as schools, portable drinking water, roads, and such likes in our nation Ghana as stipulated in chapter 5 of the 1992 Republican constitution of Ghana.

Education happens to be one of the priorities of every developing country, interesting enough we graduate about 3,500 students from the tertiary institutions but no job vacancies for them, our educational system is gradually losing its value.

Economic growth helps every developing country to factor and take a critical look at the future of the economy but unfortunately the agricultural sector is not given the needed attention to stabilizing the standard of living in the country and as a result, individuals are not able to get three square meal a day.

Agriculture is the backbone of mother Ghana but the intended attention is not given hence the competent and able farmer continue to remain poor and poorer because the products are not bought, our perishable goods keeps spoiling among which include tomatoes, garden eggs, pepper, not leaving out other food crops like cassava, yam, groundnut amount others, get to my noble village Katiejeli in the Northern Region of Ghana and see how food stuff’s are spoiling but if we  silos, we could have prevented such goods from damaging.

Our raw materials such as timber, cocoa, gold among others are transported to other countries and are turned to finished goods and are sold back to us at a high cost.

We needed self-governance yet still we still serve the colonial masters because we are unable to manage our own businesses, what happened to our factories set by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, it no longer news that Ghana telecom, ECG among others are given to private foreign persons to run.

Again we felt cheated and maltreated by the colonial masters which led to the struggle for independence but how do we treat individuals in the country, especially the poor.

Ghana at 62 yet Still we are unable to overcome sanitation challenges, our health centers are not well facilitated, the ambulance is a challenge, poor sanitation(waste) management, roads and the needed types of equipment for the efficiency of work done is bad.

Corruption happened to be a major challenge every President wish to root out in the country, a lot of leaders tried it but could not stop such practices, this led to bad like leadership and to some extent, it brought about loss of lives and property, as well innocent blood being shared in 1979 riots which were championed by former President flight Lt Jerry John Rawlings.

Such practices could not stop, it is quite interesting that our leaders and politicians still suppress the poor for their gains.

some of the residents access water from a pit

some of the residents access water from a pit

No wonder the book of Amos has made it clear about such political injustice.

Ghana has gone through a lot of struggles in getting media freedom under the colonial administration, a lot of prominent and energetic persons have suffered and even prisoned in attempt to get media freedom right 1822.

Until 1994 Ghana eventually enjoyed press freedom but what has been the impact of Ghanaian media, the journalist is not enjoying press freedoms as due, they are being beaten every now and then.

Again, democracy is said to serve the people but we do not enjoy the democratic rights due us, as citizens of mother Ghana because some communities still have a water crisis, electricity challenges, bad road network among others.

Due to selfishness and bad leadership on the part of the two major political parties thus, New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Party (NDC).this two major political parties do not serve the country as due as a result of different political ideologies.

Furthermore, it is about time we set up as nations to correct the mistakes made in the past by bringing on board active and available innovators to come up with innovative measures to help build a better nation.

We need to leave behind a better legacy for the upcoming generation to capitalize on such great foundations built.

Independence day should not be seen as the usual ceremonial function, it should go beyond marching across various streets and parks by students and statutory bodies among others.

A year like this should be talking about Ghana’s rapid growth across various sectors for positive impact