Expand your Business with SAP Business One

Expand your Business with SAP Business One

Views: 600 Ishmael A. Junourgh, Accra, March 24, Sun, 5;00PM Change, indeed they say is a difficult one, however, the quality of life depends on choic...

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Ishmael A. Junourgh, Accra, March 24, Sun, 5;00PM

Davis Muthoka, EBM, Manager

Davis Muthoka, EBM, Manager

Change, indeed they say is a difficult one, however, the quality of life depends on choices made through change, sure, not all changes yield good results, but be rest assured, a change for SAP Business One is a change for your business expansion, a decision you are never going to regret—never. SAP Business One is tried-and-tested software designed to integrate and streamline business operations leading to the growth of your business.

It is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that manages and integrates key business functionalities and injects “improved visibility into your business processes.”

At a breakfast meeting in Accra, which attracted medium and small sized businesses, the importance of the sure-fire software was showcased intently and if you were there you would by now be giddy to acquire one to leapfrog your business.

The meeting was organised by Seidor Bluekey Kenya, in partnership with Cortex Technologies, a Ghanaian platform, on 20 March 2019.

The event did not only covers the benefits of SAP Business One and its ability to optimise business processes, and also address how one can improve visibility into a business processes in an organization.

At the event, Seidor Bluekey Kenya address the need for companies in Ghana to adopt new technologies to improve operations and use an integrated platform as a foundation to increase organisational wealth.

SAP Business One is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that manages and integrates key business functionalities.

An ERP in place positions a business to achieve increased profitability and overall efficiency. It also makes it possible for companies to gather, store, integrate and analyse all the business information in one, single system.

“Companies are able to streamline their internal processes and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, therefore freeing up valuable time that can be used to focus on growing the business. We have had a very successful partnership in Ghana with Cortex Technologies, and we look forward to providing many more joint innovative SAP Business One implementations,” says Mala Bhatt, Managing Director for Seidor Bluekey Kenya.

With SAP Business One, management will be able to instantly access accurate and real-time business information across all departments. Informed decisions can be made so that businesses can respond to customers faster for improved customer satisfaction and increased sales. Through insight into operational activities and traceability overstock, managers can control workflows and resource utilisation more efficiently, resulting in higher profit margins. Key business processes are seamlessly aligned, such as sales, purchasing, inventory, production, service management, and financials. Integration and transparency ensure that the optimum level of output is achieved.

“Whether you are a startup or a continuing business, small, medium or large, SAP Business One is designed to help you take control of your entire organisation’s needs. Situated in Ghana, Cortex Technologies, a leading Consultant in the IT Solution Business, will be your partner for growth and development” says Joseph Zefo Kere, Director for Client Services at Cortex Technologies Ltd.

top executives of Seidor bluekey

top executives of Seidor bluekey

About Bluekey Seidor Kenya

Bluekey Seidor Kenya is part of the Seidor Africa Group of companies. They are the leading & largest SAP Business One specialist in Africa – providing experience gained from hundreds of implementations and thousands of support calls. Their goal is to facilitate SMEs throughout Africa in realising their full potential through their reputation for on-time delivery of comprehensive business management solutions.

About Cortex Technologies

Cortex Solutions are Professionals in Enterprise Consulting and Implementation Services, catering to customers across Ghana. They assist their customers to advance their business processes by speeding up communication and information flow, thus enhancing productivity immensely, extending their enterprise to their clients and suppliers.

With Cortex Technologies’ rich experience in the implementation of Enterprise business solutions, they have made room for providing to their clients, a complete business solution through consultancy, design, development, implementation, and training.