Amnesty Ghana disapproves madness of abuse at the UEW

Amnesty Ghana disapproves madness of abuse at the UEW


Views: 687  Ishmael A. Junourgh, Accra, Mon, May 7, 2018,3:56pm At the University of Education, Wenneba, (UEW) authority has appeared to have gone mad...

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 Ishmael A. Junourgh, Accra, Mon, May 7, 2018,3:56pm


At the University of Education, Wenneba, (UEW) authority has appeared to have gone mad abusing some of its staff members; dismissing, victimising, harassing and forcefully evicting them for no apparent reason.

But, Amnesty International, an organisation which made the finding per its research since 2017; said the happenings were seriously not consistent with International Human Rights entrenched in the 1992 constitution, neither  the rent laws nor  international standards on forced eviction which requires that an occupant be given a maximum of 90 days ‘ notice to vacate a premise.

Amnesty international is an independent nonpolitical organisation committed to the promotion of human rights worldwide.

“We have no personal or political interests. We do not support or oppose any individual or group of persons. We are solely concern about the impartial protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms without discrimination.” the Campaign and Fundraising Coordinator of Amnesty International Ghana, Samuel K. Agbotsey stated.

He went forth to describe the level of abuse in the higher institution of learning as excess of human rights violation including a culture of silence where both students and staff were afraid to speak to the horrifying issues.

The human rights organisation per its research so far explained that the ongoing impasse also touched on the University authority’s complete rejection of authentic excuse duties signed by competent medical staff in credible state hospitals, and attempted to dismiss a staff member based on “harmless what sup posts.”

And that some staff had become victims of mass transfer from the Wenneba campus to Mampong, Kumasi and Adjumanko campus as punishment; others too were in the process of been dismissed “for merely performing their official duties.”

The freshest of the sad issues, were harassment and forced eviction of one Dr. Samuel Ofori Bekoe. The victim was asked to vacate in April, this year and so, on the thirtieth of the month whiles it was raining amidst strong winds, the authority insisted that he left the bungalow and went further to cut off both electricity and water supply to the house, and its doors broken leaving it ajar, and in total darkness whiles the occupant had his valuables in there.

Also, the perpetrators appeared to forget that it was the victim who bought the electricity credit.