Prang Senior High School Celebrates 25th Anniversary today

Prang Senior High School Celebrates 25th Anniversary today

The Journey so far as a staff member, Naziru Abdulai narrates to the bridge’s Ishamael

Views: 2,935 The good old saying goes that “uneasy lies the head which wears the crown,” likewise the paramount chief for Prang, Nana Kwadwo Nyarko II...

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unvailed clothe given to the Assitant head master for the students

unveiled clothe given to the students

The good old saying goes that “uneasy lies the head which wears the crown,” likewise the paramount chief for Prang, Nana Kwadwo Nyarko III had sleepless nights, wagging his brains for ways and means to develop Prang, a humble town by then.
Like a crocodile, he delved into deeper waters of knowledge for development until he emerged in the early nineties with the idea to start this noble school.
It is therefore not surprising that struggles of the chief and that of few others like Nana Kyeame and the Late Alhaji Yakubu have culminated into the establishment of Prang Senior High Schoolin 1992. It is equally not a misappropriation for the school to adopt “a crocodile symbol as part of its logo, and “knowledge for development” as its motto.

chiefs unvailing the school cloth

chiefs unvailing the school cloth

The struggles by the founding chief could not have come anytime appropriate. At the time both students and parents had to go through laborious processes to access senior secondary school educations as it was called by then. The options were Salaga Secondary, Atebubu Secondary and Yeji secondary schools.
To alleviate both parents and students of such suffering, and the chief known that education is not an option to development but a must and it will always be, desperately started Prang Secondary School now Prang Senior High School (PRASEC) in September 10, 1992.
He had ordered that both Prang middle one and middle two school blocks were combined as campus for the start of the school, and had also gone to the education office to trace results of all candidates who had completed Junior Secondary School (JSS) now Junior High School (JHS) in the area, in 1991 with these arrangements, the school started with 78 students; 15 females and 63 males with staff capacity of eight; five teaching staff, and three non teaching staff.

Mr. Naziru Abdulai, been part of the pioneer students, I personally like to think of us as “sacrificial lambs” because the odds were obvious but we had to face every bit of those,yet still pursuing “knowledge for development” as our school’s motto has it, and will have it always.
We studied day and night with lanterns, our already understaffed teaching capacity was also ill equipped with teaching and learning materials, no wonder they were not able to complete most of the syllabi.
He said “the situation forced the paramount chief to put down his regalia and headed the science department as Physics teacher. This notwithstanding, the difficulties were still insistent and so the school dropped its General Art programme, one of its only three programmes by then.
It was still difficult and the faint hearted ones among us dropped out along the line and travelled to Nigeria to seek greener pastures.
Needless to say, when our first barge’s results were released none of us had passed in all three core subjects; English, Mathematics, and Science. Only three came closer. But, like always determine crocodiles, we never gave up, and we will never give up as a school. The rest of us continued the journey of education regardless of the odds and the results are there for all to see today.
At this point of “perseverance” as we have in our school anthem, our current Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Masawuud Mohammed came and lend a hand of development to both the school and the entire Prang community.

student on grounds watching cloth unvailing proceedings for the anniversary

student on grounds watching cloth unavailing proceedings for the anniversary

Before he joined the teaching staff, he used to organize free extra classes for us and inspired most of us to write private examinations which saw most of us to our current proud status in the society, contributing tremendously to development of the area, and the nation at large.
He eventually forfeited other opportunities to join the teaching staff as Economics and Islamic teacher. He contributed greatly both in infrastructure, and in teaching and learning materials during his tenure of office both as the District Chief Executive, and current Member of Parliament.
In fact, every challenge out great PRASEC faced saw our heroes of development militated like crocodiles to calm it. It is therefore no missing words to say that all of us. I mean all of us are believersin the mission of Great PRASEC: “To achieving the aims and objectives of the MOE and GES, and to making our students as people who are imbued with knowledge and skills that will prepare them adequately for tertiary education.” And our vision: “to see mighty PRASEC as a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment and also sought to propel students and the community towards self development.”

students showing unvailed school cloth or the anniversary

students showing unveiled school cloth or the anniversary

Today, through the efforts of our gallant heroes, and we all, Great PRASEC is now a force to reckon with;our graduates are now everywhere in the country contributing remarkable not only towards the development of Prang, the nation at large too, and we will always do. Great PRASEC has produced so many graduates with some pursuing post graduates programmes.
Today, we have people in the security service, academia, so many teachers, civil servants, business men and women and politicians, just to mention few.
Our Great school is currently running five programmes; they include, science, General Arts, Business, Agric, and Home Economics, so many!
In terms of infrastructure, the school can now boast of 23 classrooms, ultra modern library with ICT attachedfour new bungalows for teachers, play field, and electricity connectivity.
Also, the school now has 92 staff capacity; 46 teaching staff, and 46 non teaching staff.
Successive headmasters and the only headmistress of the school are as follow:

Mr. Johnson Asirifi……………………………………………1992–94
Mr. Hans Doglome…………………………………1994–96
Mr. S.P. A Piiga………………………………………19967–2000
Mr. Seidu Kasim……………………………………2000–04
Mr. Louis Wadja…………………………………….2004–11
Mad. Grace Hawa Ziida………………………………2011–15
Mr. Peter Boahene…………………………………….2015 to date