Views: 1,602 Justice Anthony, Garu, Wednesday, 23-Aug-17, 11. 30am Per, the 2016 grade-record, the District is doing 24.6%, a point six increment from...

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Justice Anthony, Garu, Wednesday, 23-Aug-17, 11. 30am
DEC, Garu-Tempane, Hon. Asore Emmanuel Avoka

DEC, Garu-Tempane, Hon. Asore Emmanuel Avoka

Per, the 2016 grade-record, the District is doing 24.6%, a point six increment from 24% in 2015.

The DCE, Hon. Asore Emmanuel Avoka described the performance as appalling, and that he would intensify fire-monitor and supervision through the various head teachers in order to arrest the terrible trend, and to enable more students from the District enjoy the coming Free Senior High School (SHS) system, initiated by His Excellency President Nana Akufo Addo.

Speaking in an interview at his residence in Garu, Hon. Emmanuel spew venom at what he called ‘whole-sale’ candidate registration when it was clear that most of the candidates were not prepared well enough to pass their exams, yet they were registered to write, and they end up performing poorly.

Citing Sumaduri Junior High School, (JHS) a village school in the District headed by one Mr. Francis Akadigiba, the Hon. DCE said the school was performing as better as 94-95% in the BECE, beating so-called prominent schools in Garu Town, the District capital through the head teachers’ powerful monitoring, and not allowing mass registration of candidates who were not performing up to expectation to register for the BECE.

He said he was going to award the teacher, Mr. Francis to the jealous of his colleagues so that in tend they too would put up their outmost best to improve teaching and learning.

Also, he would discuss with the District Educational Directorate to replicate Mr. Francis’ success example. ‘I know I can change the situation by next BECE,’ he emphasised.

“No whole sale registration, you get to form three you cannot spell ‘dog’ yet you will be made to register and write.” He stressed.

He said he would introduce Best-Teacher award package as motivation to bring out the best in the teachers, and so far he was in talks with BESFA Bank, World Vision International on the award institution and package.

He regretted at the poor state of the district’s educational directorate’s office facility and called it ‘a cubicle’ and that he was working hard to get GET fund to complete an abandoned District Directorate office complex even though previous contractor on the project had made away his  full payment for the project and left.

When asked, he said he was in talks with the Upper East Regional Director to expand facilities in the Garu Community Day Senior High School(SHS) to enable it take care of more students that would admitted this year per kick of the Free SHS policy.

Meanwhile, a Kindergarten facility at Garu which he described as part of ‘jubilee schools’ during the past New Patriotic Party (NPP) regime under Former President J.A Kuffour has being abandoned.

But again when asked, the DCE said the facility was sometime used as Junior High School (JHS) but after the JHS was moved back to its original facility after renovation the jubilee facility had been abandoned and left to rot, and for that matter, the DCE said he was considering turning the facility into a district guest house.