Views: 788 Ishmael A. Junourgh, Wa,5:32PM, 29-July-17 The Black Volta stretch of the Upper West Region currently houses water process machinery at Jam...

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Ishmael A. Junourgh, Wa,5:32PM, 29-July-17

The Black Volta stretch of the Upper West Region currently houses water process machinery at Jambusie community, and eco-system for a Hippo sanctuary at Wechau; but the natural resource is at risk of jeopardy through catastrophe of illegal mining activities, and tree cutting.
Against this background, speaking at his office in Wa to the bridge news; the Deputy Upper West Regional Minster, Mr. Amidu Issaq Cheniah cautioned residents along the Black Volta stretch of the region to desist from unfriendly environmental activities that could jeopardize the natural water body which now supplies water to part of the region.
He also urged the residents to play vigilante role against illegal miners, popularly known as ‘galamsey’ operators who may want to do exploration on the water body for precious metals.
According to him millions of Ghanaians’ hard earned income had been invested in to establishing the water generation facility at Jambusie to process and supply portable water to the Wa Township and surrounding communities.
The Deputy regional minister said if polluted it was going to take the water company more resource to treat water for supply and at the end of the day, the cost of would be tripped on the consumer and that could result into tripling cost of water in the plants’ coverage areas.
He noted that unfriendly environmental practice would not only jeopardise the water body, but the ecosystem which currently houses the Wechau Hippo Sanctuary, one of two in the country and among a few in the sub region.
He cautioned communities along the Volta to desist particularly from cutting tree along boundaries of the river since that would expose the source to direct sunlight; he as well warned them against illegal mining activities, currently a catastrophe in the country.
At his office, he told the bridge news that the government’s planting-for-food-and-jobs and one-district-one-factory policies when rolled out were going to answer the youth’s call for employment roars.
He said attention would be given to enthusiastic youth in agriculture in the region, acknowledging and promising to support one Tornia Believe Action Farms to train more youth in poultry production.
The company has invented a breakthrough technology in poultry production through a customized cage system for massive egg production and chicken production to bear.
CEO of the company, Mr. Tornia Abu Sidiki said the new system is sure way to successful poultry production since it comes with a kit which enables one to see your success at the end of the tunnel before venturing in; the system has insulated all risk factors associated with infant poultry production.