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Issahaku Yussif                               Basit “Shilah”                                                David                                                         

Story: Ishmael A. Junourgh                                           

20 years-old, Issahaku Yussif who wished to be called Ramilah, a female name in Ghana here, said “I am a gay, but I have never practice sex.” Ramilah went on that “one night when a man who had invited me to cook for him in his house tried to rape me, but I resisted, and after the man showed me a couple of gay-sex videos, I felt for anal sex for the first time.”

He said that “my mother knows that she has given birth to a boy with a penis, but I am a girl.”

Meanwhile, the Bridge news has recorded 20 gays, and still recording more within the Wa municipality of the upper west region alone.

Some Ghanaians interviewed on the subject feel that it is a taboo to mention, and among some media practitioners, the subject should not be reported in news at all because they believe such will promote the “sinful practice,” yet laws of the country seem not far from backing the gays.

The criminal code chapter 6, article 104 cracks down on unnatural carnal knowledge. This includes consensual intercourse between men. But ACT 17 of the constitution, the supreme law of the country guarantees the right to freedom from discrimination.

Again, African charter on human and people’s rights ratified by Ghana 1989 affirms the equality of people. It  says in Article 2 people have the right to freedom of discrimination; Article 3 equal before the law; Article 26 outlines the duty of all individuals not to discriminate…even as Ghanaians.

The Catholic Bishop of Wa Diocese, Most Rev. Paul Bemile said gays should not be discriminated against; they should be couched and respected. He said that “some of them claimed they have orientation from the beginning or they have acquired it,” and we have to be very careful what sort of culture we want to have because there is something we call intercultural,” he added.

He said that “some of them are just doing what they like but others if they are genuinely concern that what they are doing is correct then we can’t do anything.”

When questioned about the biological aspect of the act, the Bishop said “I don’t know. I can’t tell.”

Imam Abdul-Nasir Gadanpaala, Deputy Prayer leader of the Wa Central Mosque said that Islam condemns same-sex carnal relationships. It is “haram,” he stressed.

He said he had received complaints from some women that their husbands were sleeping with them through their anus, and that he had received a lot of bashing from the society, the last time he preached about “unnatural sex.”

The Imam advocated that parents should be quick to disorientate children who manifest special sex traits that could lead to attraction for same-sex carnal relationships.

He noted that being a gay is often a biological construction, though one’s early orientation could influence one into the situation of gay, and that being a gay in itself is not necessarily a sin until it develops into gay sex, or and marriage.

Another gay, David said he got into the practice after a gay man raped him under alcohol, and he took to the practice after the ordeal to make money to support his mother and siblings due to early death of his father, and his mother could not fend for the family adequately. “I have gay sex almost every month. I wish I can stop, but it is very difficult,” the 20 years old David said.

Osman Bashit, popularly known as Shilah another gay said “I am a prostitute, and I do it to get what I want.” Like David, and Yussif, the 20-year old Shilah lost his father at a tender age.